Kybella: A Safe, Effective Treatment for a Double Chin

If you are looking to melt away the appearance of a “double chin” and improve the contours of the area by removing unwanted fat deposits, Kybella treatments in Carson City, Nevada, are worth considering. Kybella offers a revolutionary option that can boost your confidence safely and effectively.

How Does Kybella Work?

Kybella is a naturally occurring treatment that is the first option approved by the FDA to safely and effectively treat an unwanted double chin. The injectable treatment is made from deoxycholic acid. This natural substance is found in every human body and helps to absorb and break down fat.

Kybella is not derived from humans or animals but is synthesized to produce an identical version of deoxycholic acid for the best results to break down and absorb unwanted fat cells. Kybella isn’t a short-term treatment; fat cells eliminated with this injectable are permanently gone, so you can be assured that your new neck and chin contours will last.

Treatments involve a series of injections to the neck and face that precisely target and remove unwanted fat deposits, helping you to appear thinner, younger and more vibrant.

Why Opt for Kybella?

No matter your weight, health or fitness, small deposits of fat cells in the neck and chin can linger on. Many people have toned bodies shaped through years of exercise but still feel uncomfortable with the look of a double chin. With this safe, effective treatment, you can feel more confident and comfortable in your body.

Surveys show that many people in Carson City are unhappy with the appearance of their chin or neck, especially in photos. After Kybella treatments, you may be eager to pose with your friends or smile for a selfie!

How Does the Treatment Feel?

When you come in for a Kybella treatment in Reno, Nevada, trained professionals will administer your injections in several sessions that last only 15 to 20 minutes. You can come in on your lunch break and improve your appearance in no time. Kybella treatments are nearly pain-free and come with no downtime, so you can schedule them to fit into your busy Northern Nevada lifestyle.

If you’d like to consider Kybella for yourself, contact us at Carson Dermatology at (775) 883-7811 or use our online form to schedule an appointment for a consultation and find out how these treatments can work for you.