Youthful Look Restored With Dermal Filler Injections

Why Are Dermal Fillers Needed?

Youthful skin is well-hydrated, smooth, and supple, and younger people have an ample supply of soft tissue to maintain that well-rounded appearance. However, the inevitable process of aging and being overexposed to sunshine and dangerous UV rays can strip the skin of moisture and lead to the degeneration of soft tissue. Over time, a substance called hyaluronic acid, a sugar that is naturally present in the skin, becomes scarce, leading to deep lines and wrinkles with loss of facial contour and thinning lips.

In the past, people have paid large sums of money for plastic surgery to augment facial fullness, smooth and fill in lines and wrinkles, and even boost the fullness of the lips. These same benefits are available at Carson Dermatology but through a simple nonsurgical procedure. Carson Dermatology has an office in Carson City, Nevada, and is proud to serve Northern Nevada, including Reno.

What Substances Are Used for Dermal Filler Injection Therapy?

Two substances commonly used for dermal filler injection therapy are Restylane and Juvederm.

Restylane is biocompatible, making it safe for people who are allergy-prone. It is a good choice for people who wish to rejuvenate aging skin, eliminate lines and wrinkles, and bring back lost fullness of facial features.

Juvederm is also used to enhance facial volume and erase deep lines and wrinkles. Like Restylane, it is made in a laboratory. Over time, Juvederm gets reabsorbed by the body, so repeat injections can be administered. Juvederm injections are approved for all skin types. Because Juvederm has a smooth texture, it works well for people with thin, sensitive skin.

Both products are FDA-approved, and their benefits generally last for six to 18 months. Neither product contains any animal or human DNA. Both products do contain lidocaine to minimize discomfort associated with injections. Upon request, an additional topical anesthetic can be administered prior to injections.

The highly trained staff at Carson Dermatology would be honored to help you turn back the clock on your skin’s appearance and improve your quality of life with Restylane or Juvederm injections, so call to set up an appointment today.