Clear Your Skin and Boost Your Confidence

Acne, age spots, freckles, unwanted hair, or abnormal pigments on your face can make it hard to feel like your best self. When you don’t have confidence in yourself, it can become easy to hide away at home instead of facing the outside world. With the help of Sciton Cosmetic Laser technology in Carson City and Reno, Nevada, these skin ailments can be addressed. Get back to doing the activities you love and living a fulfilling life with Sciton BBL/IPL technology.

How Do the Lasers Work?

Sciton BBL and IPL employ the use of different laser wavelengths to target varying conditions. This is why BBL can be the answer to solving so many different skin issues. Whether it be unwanted hair or acne, Sciton BBL may be an option for your case. A skilled dermatologist can use this technology to target the area that is affected and not harm any of the skin surrounding the affected area.

Patients all over the country are raving about the amazing results that they have experienced with the help of the Sciton Laser. Whether your skin has become damaged by the sun or your age lines are causing you stress, the Sciton Laser can get you back to feeling like your very best part.

Overview of the Sciton System

•Quick recovery time with only mild redness or swelling

•Relatively painless treatments that eventually only require annual maintenance

•Affordable treatment options and scheduling

•Different wavelengths can treat a variety of skin conditions

If you are ready to experience clear skin and the confidence that comes with it, allow us to explain how the Sciton laser system may work for you. Skin that is clouded with acne or age spots hides your true self. With the help of the Sciton laser, you can have your normal, healthy glow and feel more confident in your daily life. Don’t suffer from redness or brown spots.

Enjoy the boost in self-esteem that comes with smooth skin today by consulting with Carson Dermatology about the Sciton BBL and IPL systems.