What is Broadband Light and How Can it Help?

The term broadband light (BBL) refers to a device developed by Sciton. The technology treats skin conditions that cause discoloration, wrinkles, or scarring. The BBL device uses a dual-flash lamp technology to deliver pulses of light that reduce the effects of skin conditions over time.

How It Works

BBL lamps send short pulses of light onto the skin. The BBL enables the doctor to set the machine for various wavelengths of light. This capability allows the BBL, which is also referred to as IBL, to treat many skin conditions. Additionally, it uses flexible finesse adapters to treat skin areas that are hard to reach. This gives a physician the ability to evenly treat the full area of affected skin.

The Procedure

BBL treatment for most skin conditions requires the patient to lie down. Patients are also required to wear goggles or another type of eye covering in order to protect their eyes from the BBL. In most cases, the nurse or doctor will apply a cool gel to the area that is targeted for treatment.

Using the BBL/IBL, the doctor administers a series of short pulses to the skin. The BBL treatment is relatively painless, but it is noticeable. Former patients have said that it feels like having a rubber band snapped on their skin.

Conditions It Can Help

The adjustable functions of the BBL mean that it can be used to treat many skin conditions. It can also be used for hair removal. The skin conditions and blemishes it treats include:

• Acne

• Deep lesions on dark skin types

• Pigmented lesions, including age spots and freckles

• Vascular lesions, including cherry angiomas, rosacea, and telangiectasia

Successful treatment often requires a series of applications. Treating skin redness, brown spots, and/or wrinkles calls for a monthly treatment for three to six months. Maintaining the results requires one or two treatments per year.

Finding a Treatment Provider

If you want an affordable non-invasive treatment to help with a condition you find unsightly, BBL can help. In only a few months, it can improve your skin’s condition and coloring. This, in turn, can help improve your self-esteem.

Nevada residents interested in finding out how they can benefit from BBL/IBL treatments can contact Carson Dermatology, which serves residents of Carson City, Reno, and other communities throughout Northern Nevada.